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Does OSINT Industries Store Searches?

Product Team
June 11, 2024
5-minute Read
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At OSINT Industries, we specialise in state-of-the-art open source intelligence (OSINT) solutions. We specialise in selector enrichment, which helps us retrieve live, real-time data with just an email or phone number. 

What we don’t specialise in? Storing searches.

Our No Storage Policy

Our OSINT Industries platform operates on the principle of real-time intelligence gathering. We often get asked the question - doesn't that mean you store searches? No it doesn't.

Let’s talk about it. Our technology fetches data instantly, based on the selector (that’s the email or phone number) a user provides. This means that the moment a search happens, our system begins its query across various online platforms to ascertain the existence of accounts linked to the inputted selector - a.k.a. email or phone number. Whether an account was created ten seconds before or has been active for years, our platform can retrieve proof of its existence and display it to you.

Because that search is instantaneous, and uses publicly available information, there’s no need to store anything at all.

One more time: our platform functions with absolutely no need to store searches or the results thereof. Our users can conduct investigations with total assurance that any activity on our platform leaves no digital footprint - footprints are for following.

Privacy by Design

Still, our commitment to privacy goes beyond our No Storage Policy. We’ve worked hard to make sure OSINT Industries meticulously complies with the highest standards of data protection, and even the most stringent privacy regulations. 

This isn’t by accident; it’s by design. Our OSINT platform is made to only utilise information individuals have willingly and publicly shared online. This is fundamental to correct OSINT practice from a legal/ethical perspective. What’s more, our real-time intelligence gathering means we don’t need to keep a database - even if we wanted to.

Transparency Matters

Transparency and trust are rarer and rarer these days. At OSINT Industries, they still matter. We encourage all our users (and anybody else interested) to read and review our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. These provide comprehensive details about our operational procedures, our commitments to privacy and more, and the measures we take to ensure the ethical use of our platform. Take a look.

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