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How Does the OSINT Industries Platform Work?

Product Team
June 12, 2024
5-minute Read
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At OSINT Industries, we developed our cutting-edge open source intelligence tools to empower organisations. But empowerment begins with knowledge - so do you know how our OSINT platform works?

If phrases like ‘unique selector enrichment technology’ or ‘transformative real-time intelligence gathering’ don’t quite make sense yet, we’ve written this post to be your lightbulb moment. Let’s explain the workings of our platform, and find out just what sets OSINT Industries apart. Welcome to OSINT 101.

What is Selector Enrichment?

Selector enrichment is at the beating heart of the OSINT Industries platform. But what exactly does it mean? Input a piece of information - here an email address or phone number - and receive a comprehensive profile of the associated digital footprint. That’s selector enrichment. 

Our platform does this with absolute precision. That’s because whether an account was created the second before your search, or back when NSYNC* were in the charts, our system retrieves it without relying on a pre-existing database. It’s all happening in real time.

What is Real-Time Intelligence Gathering?

The OSINT Industries platform provides live intelligence: it’s gathering info in real-time. Our ‘sources scanned’ widget isn’t just for show. We’ve created sophisticated algorithms that scour the internet like a digital magnifying glass, and this happens exactly at the moment of your search. 

Accessing intel in real-time means we’ve got no need for traditional databases. Traditional databases are ‘middle-men’ that rely on saving and periodically updating information; if a database is not regularly updated, the data within it is useless. By cutting out databases - and simply displaying the most current data available - we’ve eliminated that problem.

What is Comprehensive Data Retrieval?

There’s no doubt about it - our platform retrieves an impressive amount of intel. We achieve this comprehensive data retrieval by scanning… well, comprehensively. Spread a wide net, and you’ll catch more fish. Depending on a search subject’s privacy settings and the nature of the information they’ve shared, our system can pull from a vast variety of data points, from Facebook to AirBnB.

The data our platform can help you access includes:

  • Confirmation of account/profile existence
  • Account and profile links (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Personal details
  • Connections and followers
  • Phone numbers
  • Geographical data (GEOInt), e.g. locations a subject has stayed or frequented
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Last-seens and historic activity
  • Aliases
  • Cryptocurrency transactions (blockchain analysis)
  • Data breaches
  • Comments and interactions
  • Account activity, e.g. Strava runs or Duolingo streaks

And more.

We consider that pretty comprehensive.

This level of detail gives our users a uniquely granular view of their search subject’s digital presence. Our platform can show you if your search subject’s learning French, flying to Java, or review-bombing the local deli on Yelp. What you do with that information is up to you. 

#OSINT4Good: Ethical Considerations and Compliance

Our platform is deeply committed to the #OSINT4Good movement. OSINT Industries (obviously) utilises OSINT - open source intelligence. We believe this is a fundamentally ethical approach to intelligence. It’s who we are, and we take our responsibility to create a safer world seriously. 

OSINT means (o)pen source (int)elligence. ‘Open source’ is a phrase borrowed from coding to describe what’s publicly available online - information that’s been willingly shared by users. Fundamentally, the open source nature of this data makes its collection minimally invasive: it’s just what users have chosen to share, and we never store it, Still, we’re constantly mindful of OSINT ethical guidelines and legal frameworks when handling this data. We always respect privacy and data protection laws (including GDPR).

Our platform is designed for responsible use, for #OSINT4Good. OSINT Industries is intended only as a tool for legitimate enterprise and research purposes.

What sets OSINT Industries apart?

We think the OSINT Industries platform represents a significant advancement in the field of digital intelligence. We’re making OSINT history.

Investigation, security vetting, market analysis, research and more are revolutionised by access to insights that are not just timely but also actionable and reliable. We give users those insights. By providing one-of-a-kind selector enrichment that delivers real-time, accurate, and comprehensive intelligence in a user-friendly package, we think we can change the digital world for our users - and help them change the real world too.

The OSINT Industries platform is more than just a tool. It’s a virtual magnifying glass, making today’s vast digital reality a little more clear.

Try it out now. What will you discover?

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