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Lee, Providing Investigators with the OSINT Tools They Need

July 15, 2024
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In the US, police tech is rapidly advancing. Meanwhile in the UK, law enforcement organisations are experiencing overwhelming issues around digital forensics, with 55% of UK officers left dissatisfied by their force’s digital provision.

Lee* started learning to code in Python while he was working in law enforcement. He reached out to OSINT Industries to detail how our platform has aided his own efforts to widen OSINT access in forensic investigations.

As a law enforcement professional with coding ability, it was not long before Lee noticed the significant gap in UK investigators’ command of digital facilities. Searching for a solution, he decided to leave mainstream digital forensics after 20 years experience and build his own investigative platform that integrates our technology.

Lee created Usersearch to provide everything investigators need to conduct online digital forensics searches. Initially training his platform on business-to-business investigations, Lee has gradually increased the number of APIs integrated into his platform, creating a comprehensive offering to supplement all types of forensic investigation.

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OSINT Industries is one of the tools Lee has integrated into usersearch, taking advantage of our API Integration services. OSINT Industries is Lee’s preferred API for “email enrichment”: deriving data from email search. He purchases bulk credits, which are then sold on to customers that recognise the critical value of OSINT data.

Due to anonymity guarantees, Lee cannot give particular detail on how individual investigators use his platform - or OSINT Industries. However, Lee concluded by stressing the number of users who select our “brilliant” API to be included in platform access. He suggests that the number of OSINT Industries credits he trades in is testament to the importance of the platform for usersearch customers’ investigations. 

Lee’s journey with usersearch continues to exemplify how OSINT Industries API Integration services help to increase access to #OSINT4Good. Not only does Lee’s platform suggest the value of OSINT facilities to law enforcement professionals, but businesses also.

To find out more about Lee’s OSINT work, visit these links:

*Names changed to protect identities of those involved.

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